Hello new or potential member(s),

First, a big thank you!

The first step in doing better for yourself, is knowing you need help. Knowing that you want better. For that you came to the RIGHT place. Let’s admit it… we love our children, we do, but oftentimes we ask ourselves, how far we might have gotten had we not been detoured. As a mother I know I have done so, many times. Yet detoured as I was, I found a new route through JAMES INC. Its sole mission is to remind us that “it isn’t too late to be what we might have been”. When you have those questions, this organization will help you discover those

Can I share something with you? Prior to me enrolling with JAMES INC., I was still a mother, yet I was one, sitting at home. All day. Everyday until I couldn’t anymore. Then I got a job. I worked in a ‘dead end job’ because I had mouths to feed. Bills didn’t stop, nor did they care how restless I really was with young children. I couldn’t get anything more, because I wasn’t “qualified” or “experienced”. I needed a change. I couldn’t stay in this inert routine forever. But how? And most importantly From where? Fortunately, I was introduced to JAMES INC which helped me relight the fire that had somewhat dimmed in me. Because of JAMES INC, I’ve been given the chance to go back to school, look into potential careers that could better my family’s life, and attain resources I would never have known were out there.

Yes, we had children early. Yes, life is 10x more hectic with the added responsibility, yet WE believe you can do it. Not only that, they show you how. JAMES INC is a machine that stands behind its members and encourages them to finish the race. This organization can and WILL help you. How? First you need to decide if you’re 100% committed to providing change for yourself and your family. If the answer is yes, if you’re tired of that routine, then let us do our part in providing the very best resources, acclamations, recommendations, support and/or

Again, Thank you for entering into the program: Because of this you won’t have to look further to answer those questions. We’ll help you find that finish line. We are so excited to meet you and to grow with you! If you have any questions at all please email us at info@jamesinc.org or visit us at jamesinc.org.

Lots of love,

Brianna Hamilton-Maynard,
Vice President of the Young Parent Advisory Board (Y.P.A.B) and a Mother just like You