An educational doula becomes a core team member providing continuous emotional and informational support before, during and after graduation. The intent of an educational doula is to help young parents have a successful educational experience.

Our effective and supportive counseling services are provided by professionally trained and licensed therapist using adolescent treatment strategies.

The behavioral health case manager provides referral, linkage, monitoring and advocacy on behalf of the member to gain access to appropriate community community resources.

We provide coaching and instruction in practical skills that parents will use in their everyday lives, such as time management, goal-setting and interpersonal communication.

We provide financial assistance to pregnant and parenting teens who enroll in education beyond high school graduation. Scholarship applications become available in early November each year, with a due date in May.


A 16-day intensive enrichment program for young mothers and fathers. Program is free to participants. Program takes place in June of each year. Prizes, meals, and other incentives are included.

An on-line opportunity to interact with other expecting and/or parenting adolescents without leaving your home. All books are easy to read, and books and materials are supplied free of charge to fully enrolled clients.

Bi-Weekly lunch sessions on topics specific to personal and professional development (client is responsible for bring own lunch.

Participant opportunity offered to Summer Parent Academy completers who exhibit strong leadership skills and the desire for continued leadership development.

A two-hour weekly series designed for groups of 5 or more. Key concepts include: Leadership and personal development, creative expression, communication, entrepreneurial-ship and technology awareness.