While one can talk about parenting or about what it takes to raise a child while still a teenager, the best way to learn and be educated about this subject is to hear from those parents themselves and the experts who are helping them.

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Debunking Pregancy Myths

We were honored to be joined by Catherine Betances, Education and Outreach Manager of the Take Control Initiative, and Jenny Briggs, MSW, the Program Director from Amplify Tulsa, to help us work through all of the different myths, legends, and unknowns of pregnancy...

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Seeking Volunteers

Make a difference for a teen parent today.According to Nonprofit Source, about 63 million adults in America volunteer their time everyyear. Since the formation of James Inc., volunteers have been at the heart of the organization.From serving as Educational Doulas to...

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Fatherhood without a Roadmap

Brianna and Jesse are joined by Alden Maynard. Alden talks about what it is like to be a father without having the knowledge, the memories, or the burden of being raised or really knowing his father. Find out more about JAMES Inc. and the Young Parents Advisory...

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