While one can talk about parenting or about what it takes to raise a child while still a teenager, the best way to learn and be educated about this subject is to hear from those parents themselves and the experts who are helping them.

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LGBTQ+ and Young Parents with T Deloceano

T Deloceano, YLC Program Coordinator for Amplify Tulsa joins the Young Parents Podcast to talk about the issues that issues that affect both young parents and young parents who are LBGTQ+. T Educates us on personal pronouns, what to do if you make a mistake, and how...

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Marcus Anderson, FERPA, and Your Family

Marcus Anderson, Clinic Director and Instructor at Northeastern State University's Speech-Language Pathology Program, joins Alisa Bell and Jesse Ulrich to talk about how the laws and policies (like FERPA) that are designed to protect the privacy of students and...

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