As a client

As a client

J.A.M.E.S. INC. is not just another agency, we consider ourselves an added benefit to current programs.  Our goal is to enhance not duplicate what is currently being provided.

  • Male and female expectant and/or parenting clients ages 13-24 are our ideal referral clients.
  • Participants can self-refer or be referred by another agency, parents, family members,  or trusted adult advisor.
  • Services are free to client
  • Once referred, the client will be asked to participate in the following enrollment steps:

A.  A 15-20-minute compatibility screening (by phone or in person)

B. An invitation to a one-hour assessment with one of our team therapist (Face-to-Face)

C. An invitation to participate in four-one-hour face to face meetings with an Educational Doula for assessment of academic needs and planning.

D. Follow up appointment to reassess compatibility.

  •  Minimum participation is 60 days.