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The product of Alisa Bell’s insights and experiences, J.A.M.E.S., Inc. (Just About Mothers Excelling in School) was established in 2006 to encourage and support higher educational aspirations among expecting and parenting teens and adolescents (up to age 24). An early parent herself, Ms. Bell recognized that completion of secondary education alone was unlikely enough to provide young parents with the opportunities they desired for their children. That’s why J.A.M.E.S., Inc. does more.

From the beginning, J.A.M.E.S., Inc. has provided a scholarship program that supports educational achievement through personal counseling, mentoring and financial support. In 2008, the unique Educational Doula program was established. An Educational Doula provides one-on-one targeted physical, emotional, and informational support to at-promise scholarship recipients before, during, and after the achievement of educational goals. In some other communities, the work of Educational Doulas is accomplished by parents, relatives, and close friends who have experienced success in educational endeavors. These models are too often unavailable to J.A.M.E.S., Inc. clients. Hence, the need and benefit of the Educational Doula program. The agency has consistently served both young mothers and fathers.

By 2014, after J.A.M.E.S., Inc. had a record of successes and challenges, it became apparent that mental health was a major factor for young parents and families. The focus of the organization expanded to provide mental health services, including case management, to its client population. The mental health function is carried out by trained professional counselors whose clinical work is supervised by a lead psychologist/counselor. Using a business model that fully recognizes the independence of the contracted counselors, J.A.M.E.S., Inc. now provides personal and professional development curriculums as the foundation of client and organization success.
Young Parent Advisory Board

Linda Velasquez

I am Linda Velasquez. My goal is to get my Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine focused in surgery. My role in YPAB, is Committee Relations. I have been a members of James Inc, since August 2019 and joined the YPAB in December 2020.

I have acquired so much knowledge since initially joining. My biggest influencer is Cesar Lozano, he is an inspiration and motivator for me.

My voice color is indigo which represents structure and organization. Indigo represents and fits my personality well.

Brianna Hamilton-Maynard

Brianna Hamilton-Maynard is an activist, advocate, and a young parent. She is YPAB’s first Vice President.

Brianna joined J.A.M.E.S INC, in June 2019 and has learned that there is power in your opinion. Your thoughts, views and position(s) matter. JAMES INC, has helped Brianna find the voice she always had, but had silenced under the weight of being a struggling mother. She has since majored in Communications and plans to use that very voice to enact change in her community and the world. After all, “if you can own your voice, you can own your power”.

Brianna aspires to capture the confidence, power and solidarity that is Queen Maxine (Maxine Waters); aims to seize the resilience, scintillation and inferno that is Alexandra Osacio-Cortez; and strives to acquire the luminosity, gusto and vivacity that is Ava Duvernay. These women for her, are a force of fire owning their power. She believes that James Inc., is helping her develop the traits that these 3 women possess.

Charlie Allen

My name is Charley Allen and I have been with James Inc for the last 7 years as a client. James has been able to help me to become a successful mother and part of the working community!

Being on the young parent advisory board gives me the opportunity to give back to the community that gave so much to me. I am now expecting my second child; which I feel so much more ready for and confident about. I sell cars over at Jim Norton T-Town Chevy!

I have done that for the last year and have been able to develop a passion for it because of the support I have received! I’m excited for my journey with James to continue to be a successful one!

Shaquanda Lewis

Shaquanda Lewis is a member of the Young Parent Advisory Board(YPAB) who helps with managing our Community Outreach for those who have joined the Life coaching program at J.A.M.E.S Inc.

Before Joining YPAB Shaquanda attended JAMES Inc Summer Parent Academy all 5 years so far. After finding her passion for advocacy she successfully started giving speeches and learning more through Toastmaster public speaking internship. Shaquanda Lewis became the state Ambassador for Supporters Of Families With Sickle Cell Disease.

Sharing her story living with Sickle Cell Diseases and how life could be challenging at times. She has a great sense of resilience, she has always pivoted from obstacles of life and continues to strive .

Life Coaching

As a Master Life Coach for the last eight years, Crystal Scarborough with Redefining Life Personal Development Coaching aims to deliver informative, transformation, and inspiration information for women. Whether you are Widowed, Divorced, Empty Nester, or have experienced a Breakup, or find yourself somewhere in between.

She is ready to support you as you re-claim your confidence, and re-align with your power to create your life’s next chapter. She uses proven strategies that help women thrive from the inside out, to connect with their authentic truth, and build cultivating experiences. Her mission to encourage, empower, and inspire women to go from struggling with mindset hurdles to aligning with their true power with certainty.




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