Make a difference for a teen parent today.
According to Nonprofit Source, about 63 million adults in America volunteer their time every
year. Since the formation of James Inc., volunteers have been at the heart of the organization.
From serving as Educational Doulas to sharing skills and teaching young parents, volunteers
have been a critical part of James Inc.’s mission.
For an adolescent starting adulthood and parenthood all at once, skills varying from learning car
maintenance to cooking nutritious meals, and managing a budget can be vital proficiencies that
are missed. However, with the help of a single volunteer, young parents at James Inc. can learn
to change their oil, meal prep for their families, or save responsibly.
James Inc. is currently seeking volunteers with skills to share with young parents and assist with
daily operations. If you know how to:

  • Change a car’s oil
  • Complete administrative duties
  • Create and maintain a budget
  • Fix a flat tire
  • Grocery shop for healthy meals
  • Host an exercise session
  • Lead a book club
  • Prepare inexpensive meals
  • Research for projects
  • Tutor students
    You may be able to host a session for our young parents! Or, if you were once a teen parent and
    have since graduated college, you might be a great fit as a mentor for our Educational Doula
    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteering has decreased, leaving less opportunities for
    young parents to learn valuable skills from community members. If you have a skill that may be
    useful, helpful, or even just enjoyable for others to learn, we would value the opportunity to
    discuss a volunteer session with you. Whether it be a one-time lunch and learn or a monthly
    commitment, your time is incredibly valuable and can truly impact the lives of adolescent
    parents in Tulsa.
    To learn more about our volunteer opportunities or apply, click here.